The Case AGAINST Career Politician Jon Husted

Husted on Trump

  • Husted sponsored legislation in the Senate that paved the way for Ohio to accept President Obama and Arne Duncan’s Race to the Top grants.  Those grants had hooks in them that made Ohio accept Common Core. Husted voted to allow common core to be implemented due to its inclusion in Gov. Ted Strickland’s 2009-2010 budget.

Ohio Senator Jon Husted on SB180

  • Jon Husted talks a good game but if you look into his past you realize he has been dishonest about his record.During his time as Speaker: The Ohio Operating Budget increased by $8.8 billion, a 19.2% increase in just 4 years of Husted

John Husted - R.I.N.O.


Jon Husted is a career politician that has been on the pay role of government his entire adult life. He makes his political decisions based on what would be best for him to get the next job up the political ladder.

Ohio can can do better than a career politician.